Kopf des Tages … Hassan Rohani

What has been – and continues to be – practiced against the innocent people of Palestine is nothing less than structural violence. Palestine is under occupation; the basic rights of the Palestinians are tragically violated, and they are deprived of the right of return and access to their homes, birthplace and homeland. Apartheid as a concept can hardly describe the crimes and the institutionalized aggression against the innocent Palestinian people. (…)
Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran invites you and the entire world community to take a step forward; an invitation to join the WAVE: World Against Violence and Extremism.

Der iranische Präsident Hassan Rohani in seiner Ansprache vor der UN-Generalversammlung in New York City. Berichten zufolge hat er bei der Ansprache selbst nie lachen müssen. Höchstleistung, immerhin hat der Iran gerade die Welt eingeladen, zu einer Welt ohne Gewalt und Extremismus….

Den Volltext der Ansprache gibt’s HIER.