Auszug aus einem Beitrag der The World in 2014 – Serie von The Economist (Viele sehr lesenswerte Artikel!!!), von René Redzepi, dem Mann hinter Noma (Laut The World’s 50 Best 2013 das beste Restaurant der Welt) The Menu of the Future:

In the midst of this anxiety and gloom, I started staring at an old carrot. I don’t know why. It was a carrot so old that I could form it into a circle. I had nothing to lose, so I thought to myself: why don’t we do something with this? In fact, why don’t we treat this vegetable like something precious—like the most expensive meat we can find?

So we did. We sautéed it slowly in a pan, basting it with butter and spices and herbs, all the while twisting and turning it, as you would with a premium cut. After an hour or so, the humble, seemingly worthless root had been transformed. The process rendered the skin crunchy, leathery, fruity. Within, the flesh had condensed and reached a point of astonishing tenderness. It had an intensity, fragrance and lushness to it that I had never encountered before. The carrot went on the menu straightaway, accompanied by a broth made from the pressed juices of sorrel and a dollop of whipped cream. Everyone who dined at Noma that night felt it was the dish of the evening.

Via The Economist.

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